Surrounded by the Keban Dam Lake on the south and by the mountains on the other sides the city of Tunceli’s population is nearing a hundred thousand. The most attractive tourist sites are the Petek castle, and the Munzur Valley National Park. It is a lively city with its cultural, belief and ethnic vividness. The Yelmaniye Mosque, Baysungur Mosque, Çelebi Ali Mosque, Sağman Mosque, Hamidiye Medresseh are from the Ottoman and the Elihatun Mosque, Uzun Hasan Tomb and Elihatun Tomb are from the Akkoyunlu times.

Munzur Valley National Park

The valley dug by the Munzur stream is 8 km from the city. Near the valley is the 3300 m Munzur Mountain. The glacier lakes, the springs when landing at the Ovacık plains and the small waterfalls along the valley make the landscape of this National Park. All the hills and slopes are covered with oak tree forests. And on the bottom of the valley are there is a rich flora of walnut trees, red pine trees, ash trees, elm trees, plane trees, poplar trees and willow trees. The geography avails for the wolves, foxes, bears, partridges to live there as well as for the chamois, hook horned chamois, lynx, weavers, otters and rocks eagles. It is allowable to camp, to picnic, to fish, to trek and to mount climb if you follow the instructions of the park keepers. The Munzur, Pülümür and Peri waters are very good for rafting with their suitable flow rates and flow volumes.

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