Rock Tombs of the Kings

The Rock Tombs were used as prisons and places for punishment during turbulent periods of history. The largest of the tombs is the last one on the west end, where you can go up by galleries and stairs. This cave is 15 m in height, 8 m in width and 6 m in depth; and the entrance of the tomb is higher than the others.

“Aynali Magara” which means the cave with mirror, is the finest one among the rock tombs. It is on the way to Ziyaret, -turning to the right on the main Amasya to Samsun road- and about 3 km before arriving there. It is called “Aynali Magara” because of the glare on its front face caused by light.

These tombs were carved out of limestone and are located on the southern foots of Harshena Mountain. They belong to the Hellenistic period, Strabon, the well-known geographer, claims that the tombs belong to Pontic kings.
There are 23 rock tombs along the Yesilirmak Valley; therefore this region is also called “King’s Valley”.
The passageways, carved out on the backsides of the rock tombs, are, in one sense, more impressive than inside them. The tombs, carved out of limestone, are in a location overlooking the city in terms of construction and monumental size.


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