The Sultan Bayezid II Kulliyeh (Complex)

It was constructed in the name of Sultan Bayezid II, by his son Shahzadah Ahmet in 1485. It was built as a “kulliyeh”, composed of a mosque, madrasah, Imaret (aims house) shadirvan (fountain). Later, to the South-east corner of the mosque, it was added a tomb in the name of Shahzadah Osman who died too early, the son of Shahzadah Ahmet.

Considering its plan, the Mosque is an advanced example of the architectural design of side-courtyarded mosques. On the west of the Mosque, a madrasah U shaped, arcaded and composed of eighteen rooms, takes place. Today, this building is used as the Provincial Public Library. On the east of the Mosque there is an alms house (imarethane) with “L” plan. The small historical building on the north-west of the Mosque was constructed as muvakkithane (timekeeper’s house) in 19th century.


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