The Amasya Museum


The Amasya Museum was established in 1925 and in the beginning, has served in different buildings and halls. The Museum was moved into the present building and then it was rearranged and opened for service in 1980.
In the Museum, you can see artifacts of 12 different civilizations including Kalkolitic Age, Bronze Age, Hittites, Urartus, Phirigians, Iskits, Persians, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuks and Ottoman Periods.

Open Air Exhibition
In the courtyard located on west side of the museum, several stone artefacts belonging to Hittite, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, llhanli, Seljuks and Ottoman Periods are exhibited.

The mummies are exhibited within the Tomb of Sultan Mesud I, the Sultan of the Seljuks, in the museum garden. The mummies belong to some persons taking ministerial (nazir) and governorship (emir) positions when the llhans were sovereign in Anatolia in the 14th century. It is thought that these mummies belong to Ishbu^a Nuyin, Cumudar, Izzettin Mehmet Pervane Bey and his cariye, son and daughter.



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