Beylerbeyi Palace

Sultan Abdulaziz had this exquisite waterside summer palace built in 1865. It is the design and work of the Balyan family, an Armenian family of architects and builders who were heralded as the finest in the Ottoman Empire during the middle and late
19th century.


Beylerbeyi, where the Asian pillar of the Bosphorus Bridge sits, is a pleasant district that has been reserved for palaces since the Byzantine era. Sultan Abdulmecid had the Beylerbeyi Palace built between 1861-1865 on the site of another wooden mansion. The exterior and interior decoration is a blend of Eastern, Turkish and Western motifs. The three- storied building is divided into two sections, the harem (for women) and the selamlik (for men), and has 26 rooms and 6 halls. The interior of this little palace was decorated with exquisite Bohemian crystal chandeliers, Yildiz tiles and ceramic vases each of which worth a little fortune. The original furniture, carpets, curtains and other fixtures have been preserved in good condition.
The decorations of the facade on the seaside, the well-kept gardens, the hall with a pool in the central section, and the spiral staircase are some of the eye-catching features of the palace. Two small pavilions on the quay served recreational purposes. The palace was also used to accommodate visiting state dignitaries.


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