Archeological Museum

The Archeological museum which belongs to General Directorate of Monuments and Museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey, consists of three museums:
Archeology Museum, Old Eastern Works Museum and Enameled Kiosk Museum.
Istanbul Archeological Museum which was established as the Empire Museum by the famous artist and museum curator Osman Hamdi Bey, was opened to public on June 13, 1891, as the “First Turkish Museum”. Being one of the few buildings in the world constructed as a museum, The Archaeological Museum contains over one million works of art belonging to various civilizations and cultures from the Balkans to Africa, from Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Arab Peninsula and Afghanistan that were located within the borders of Ottoman Empire.

This award-winning museum is made up of three sections: the Archeology Museum, Ancient Orient Museum, and Cinili Palace. It is located just inside the walls of the Topkapi Palace.

The Museum is located at right hand side of the Gulhane Park, on the Osman Hamdi Bey Road which is an uphill road that eventually reaches to the Topkapi Palace Museum.


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