Climate of Istanbul

Istanbul’s climate is a mix of Mediterranean and Balkan weather patterns so it is often
somewhat colder than other Mediterranean cities. Expect cold and wet winters with an
average temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius. There is only infrequent snow in the
winter but rain is a constant fact of winter life in the city. Spring usually comes in April,
ushering an immediate change to warm, summer weather. Spring is especially beautiful
along the Bosphorus, with a bouquet of lilac, wisteria, magnolia and tulips everywhere.
Summer is lovely though it can get hot and humid. This is the time to enjoy the roses and
many buildings seem to be covered in rose vines. Autumn is mixed. First the city
experiences a cold and wet period-its prelude to the looming winter months-and then
suddenly turns back to the “pastirma” season (pastirma is a dried meat that needs the
sunny, crisp and cool autumn months to dry correctly). The “pastirma” days are wonderful,
sun everywhere, and just a sweater needed.

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