The Malabadi Köprüsü and Hasankeyf

The impressive town of Hasankeyf, which we have mentioned, is part of the province of Batman as is the Malabadi Bridge. The bridge was built over the Batman Çay (Stream) b the Artukids in 1147. On the both sides of the one arch bridge, made of coloured stones, there are two chambers for guards or resting caravans. The bridge is 150 metres long, seven metres wide and its height at the deepest point of the water is 19 metres. The bridge, despite its age, remains structurally sound, beautiful and impressive. In Batman you can also visit the tomb of Veysel Karani, a much respected figure in the east. His tomb – a Kümbet – is in the Seljuk style and is one of the most spectacular examples of Seljuk tile work. You can also see the Çeşi Cami (Mosque) and cave houses carved into the rocks. Batman is developing rapidly thanks to the opening of a refinery to process the oil found in the surrounding region, which is then transported via a 494-km pipeline to İskenderun. Copper is also mined in Batman.
The three and four star hotels in this small and new city centre make it an accommodation choice for tours to the region.

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