Diyarbakir Cuisine

The Diyarbakir cuisine shares many of the common characteristics of others in the south east, though it also has its own specialities. You can find most, but not all, of the traditional Diyarbakır dishes served in restaurants. To sample the full range you need to have some friends from Diyarbakır and join them for dinner. One of the most popular dishes of Diyarbakır is the kaburga (stuffed ribs). The dish, a type of kebab, is made from lamb ribs. The most popular place to try the dish is the Salim Amca, which has been preparing kaburga for many years. The street vendors you see carrying tin-plated copper urns are selling the region’s indispensable ice cold drink for summer days, “meyan şerbeti” (a liquorice flavoured drink). This drink, which is the ancestor of cola, is very popular in the area and is also called “ava suse”. In the evenings you can also join the locals seated at the small stalls on the pavements and eat “cartlak kebab” (a type of kebab made using liver). This is a type of late night activity in Diyarbakır.

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