Urfa Cuisine

As in other parts of south eastern Turkey, Urfa also has a very rich cuisine. Apart from every type of kebab found here, you should also try local dishes cooked in earthen pots and the stuffed vegetable dishes with a sour flavour. In some cases it is debatable whether the kebabs you are eating are the specialties of Urfa or Antep. The long running competition between these two cities has also extended to the dishes of their local cuisine. Just remember that the level of spicy hotness in south eastern I dishes may not be to your taste and could be more than expected.

The name of the red chili pepper that gives the dishes this hot flavour is “isot”. The people of Urfa boast of their pepper and said it is incomparable to any other in the region. Those who like their food hot should try it.

The sour squeezed juice of the pomegranate, known as “nar eksisi” is used to give the sour taste to dishes cooked in earthenware pots. It is also used as a drink and to help settle upset stomachs.

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