Adıyaman is a small city in south eastern Anatolia which is the historical and cultural centre of a region that features some of the oldest settlements in the vorld. This particular part of the south east is known worldwide for Nemrut Dag (Nimrod Mountain), with its giant statues of gods and kings on the mountain’s summit and the extraordinary views from its peak. Being close to the foot of the mountain Adiyaman has become a jumping off point for tourists.

Adiyaman was once known as Hisn-i Mansur and the nearby region at various times in history was ruled by the Hittites, Persians, Romans, the Abbasids, Byzantines, the Seljuks and the Ottomans. Each of these civilisations left their mark. The ruined fortress in Adiyaman, on top of a peak in the centre of the city, is a monument from the period of Arab rule. One of the sites to visit is the Adıyaman Museum on Atatürk Boulevard where most of the artefacts unearthed from the region are on display. Other historical Islamic sites of interest are the Ulu Cami (The Great Mosque), the Çarşı (Bazaar) and Musalla mosques
As in every city in the region, visiting Adiyaman’s bazaars with their traditional handicrafts and shops selling local products give you a taste of the region, both past and present.

Historical Sites

Before we visit the enchanting monuments on and around Nemrut (Nimrod), it is better to see the other historical sites in the region. Inside the ancient city of Perre, five km to the north of the city centre, there are some 200 stone tombs. The graves, inside a series of caves that are connected to each other, have numerous works from the pre-history era. It is known that Perre was a significant city during the Roman period. The Arsameta (Nymphaios Arsameia) near to the town of Kahta, 60 km from Adıyaman, is an important site where you can see the reliefs, inscriptions and stone tombs from the Commagene Era.

You should definitely visit the bazaar, dungeon, water channels and the mosque that is inside the Yeni Kale (The New Citadel). The most significant relic from the Hittites in this region is the Gerger Kale (Fortress), 85 km from Kahta. The fortress, known as Euphrates Arsameia, was built on the top of jagged rock peaks. Inside the fortress you see water cisterns, shops and a mosque. The Ataturk Dam is one of the most important elements of the South¬eastern Anatolian Project and plays a leading role in the region’s economy. In the waters of the Atatürk Dam, the largest in Turkey, you can enjoy aquatic sports and fishing.

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