Antep Cuisine

The Antep cuisine is not only prominent on the tables of the city itself, but throughout Turkey and in many places around the world. With lahmacun (a flat type of Turkish pizza topped with minced meat), many different varieties of kebabs, çiğ köfte (kneaded balls of raw, spices and cracked wheat) and its wonderful deserts, wherever there is a Turk around in the world, there is an Antep kebab restaurant.

Kebab has imprinted itself on the lifestyle of Antep so much that they even have a special type, called the “cartlak kebabı” and made of liver, which is mostly eaten for breakfast.
Various spices and in particular hot chilli are indispensable items of Gaziantep cuisine; as such readers who are not used to hot and spicy dishes should take care. In Antep to say, “a little hot”, means an inedible degree of flaming spiciness for those that are not used to It. The best idea is to ask the waiter for “acısız” (not hot) when starting out.

It is impossible to stay away from many types of different baklavas and other deserts after dinner. Antep is rightly famed for its many extraordinarily tasty and delicious deserts. Do not avoid this indulgence for fear of putting on a few kilos.

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