Sultan Murad Khan IV

Birth: Istanbul 9 July 1611
Death: 8 February 1640
Reign: 10 September 1623 – 8 February 1640

The Caliph of Islam and the 17th Ottoman sultan. He was the son of Sultan Ahmed Khan I and Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan.

As he accessed to the throne at a young age, his mother Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan was appointed as the custodian of the sultanate. During the first period of reign, disorders had significantly increased in Istanbul and Anatolia. Baghdad was captured by Iranian forces during the ensuing rioting and chaos.

Finally, the young Sultan took over the affairs of the empire when he reached the age of 20. He put the Janissaries and cavalry troops under control, and had them swear allegiance to him.

Embarking on his Iran Campaign in 1635, the Sultan entered Tabriz after capturing the fortresses of Revan and Hoy. He re-conquered Baghdad in 1638. He signed Kasr-ı Şîrîn Treaty with Iran the following year. Today, this treaty survives with some minor amendments.

Murad Khan IV was skilled in using different weapons. He had a very strong memory and will. He was fond of science and scientists, and participated in the science assemblies whenever he could. As an extremely fair sultan, he showed great care in protecting the religion and the empire’s best interests. He used the pseudonyms Murâdî and Shah Murad in his poetry and musical compositions.

Murad Khan IV’s contemporaries were interesting people such as Bekri Mustafa, Tıfli, as well as outstanding scientists and artists such as Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi, Evliya Çelebi, Nef’î, Kâtip Çelebi, Koçi Bey. The finest venues of Topkapı Palace, the Baghdad and Revan Kiosks, where constructed by this sultan.

Not much known about the favourites and concubines of Murad Khan IV. His sons Selim, Orhan, Numan, Mahmud, Hasan, Osman, Ahmed, Süleyman, Mehmed, Abdülhamid and Alâeddin died before him. His daughters were Kaya Ismihan Sultan, Aişe Sultan, Safiye Sultan, Rukiye Sultan, Gevherhan Sultan, Hanzâde Sultan, Ismihan Sultan, Fatma Sultan and Hafsa Sultan.

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