Sultan Osman Khan II (Osman The Young)

Birth: Istanbul 3 November 1603
Death: 20 May 1622
Reign: 26 February 1618 -19 May 1622

The Caliph of Islam and the 16th Ottoman sultan. He was the son of Sultan Ahmed Khan I and Mahfiruz Sultan. He was the youngest sultan to die, and the first to be murdered during an uprising.
Osman Khan II signed a peace treaty with Iran few months after his accession to throne, thus ensuring security along the eastern border. Sultan’s next aim was to settle the Poland issue, which had challenged the empire since 1617. He started a campaign for this issue but no absolute results were obtained due to the disobedience of his Janissary Corps and quarrels amongst his statesmen. When he decided to attempt some reforms on the basis of his determinations so far, some circles considering these attempts to be against their benefits revolted. Capturing the Sultan, the rebels brought him to the Yedikule dungeons.
There, 11 executioners attacked him, all at once. Being a strong man, he was able to struggle against them for a long time but of no use as he fell down with a strike of axe right on his shoulder, and martyred by suffocation.

Osman Khan II was the first sultan who wanted to enforce some radical system reforms. Contemplated reforms were based on the reformation of the empire with its own internal dynamics.

Besides religious sciences, he also received scientific education. He was fluent in languages such as Arabic, Persian, Latin, Greek and Italian. He has a collection of poems written using the pseudonym “Faris / Farisî.”
Distinguished among other Ottoman Sultans for his intelligence, superior education and good manners as well as his physical power and strong will, Osman II attempted some incredibly great and im¬portant tasks at such a young age but these attempts remained in¬conclusive.
His children, Prince Ömer, Mustafa and Princess Zeynep Sultan died during childhood.

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