Erzincan started an attack of advertising with its re-structuring. Erzincan is now renowned with rafting on the River Euphrates (Fırat), trekking on the Munzir Mountains and Refahiye Sakaltutan winter sports resort. The city possesses a rich history as well as its surroundings. A temple from the Urartians, a palace complex, some graves and store ruins are attracting.
Another Urartian settlement is Tercan and the most important works are mama Hatun Caravanserai and its complex. The Tercan Dam lake and the Ağ Baba recreation spot are its natural treasures. Some Ottoman buildings are in the centre of the town. Terzibaba Tomb, The Çadırcı Bath and the Nafiz Pasha Bath are to count a few. The masters of Erzincan are unique in the copper handicrafts. You must surely go and see the copperware market. The Gürlevik waterfall at the Çağlayan vicinity offers an extraordinary scenes to view, especially in winter with its frozen waters. The first settlement in Kemah on the sides of Euphrates dates back to the Hittites. The traces of this era can be seen in Kemah, first centre of Mengücek ruling. Its castle, Gülabi Bey Mosque (0328), Melik Gazi Türbe and lodge of dervishes and many more others are coming from their time.

Refahiye in the north houses some ruins from the Romans and the Byzantines. You can visit the remainders of Kutlutepe, Kadıköy Church and the Kutsal Kaya (Holy Rocks). İliç is the second town on this line. Roman time ruins are in Altıntaş Village. Kemaliye (Eğin), the most beautiful district of Erzincan, is located on both sides of a 15 km canyon. The Keban Dam lake has really given life to the town. It protects the traditional texture to a great extent. When you are wandering along its narrow streets, the traditional Turkish houses surrounded by high walls, the best of wood carving mastery, door knobs, iron works shall impress you. Old ruins are from the Roman times. Endici Castle, Roman Necropolis, ruins of Pigan, Hasgel and Arsanius are a few of them… You shall find a water spring at every step you take. The most famous of them is Kadigolu. And the Kirgoz spring near the town centre is a picnic spot.

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