Gumushane is a city which is on the historical Silk Road Between China and Trabzon. It combines the history with nature and the legend with reality. Due to the rich silver mines, it was called Gumushane (meaning house of silver).It had been a settlement for ancient times and constituted a mosaic of ethnic groups. Gumushane was established in BC 3000. Gumushane is surrounded by Bayburt on the east, Trabzon on the north, Giresun on the west and Erzincan on the south. It is founded in the inner area of East Black Sea Region and 100 km far away from the sea. The center of the city is 1153m high from sea level and settled along the Harsit Cayi (Harsit River). The total area of Gumushane is 6437 km2 and consists of six districts. It is a very rich city in many kinds of valuable mines especially silver and gold. Gumushane has a great intact touristic potential with its caves, plateaus, waterfalls, ancient cities, flora and fauna.



It is located 4 km southwest of today’s city center. Gumushane’s name comes from silver mines of this area. (Gumus means silver in Turkish language). Suleymaniye district is an area which Turk, Greek and Armenian people lived together peacefully and known as 16th century Kanuni Sultan Suleyman settlement. Its population reached up to 60.000. It seems like open air museum.


It is an ancient settlement away from the center and was established in 17th century. It was made up of 7 districts and three hundred houses. It contains religious monuments, fountains, bridges and a monastery as well as the natural beauty.

Imera (Olucak) Köyü

It is an ancient settlement located 15 km. away from the center. There exists a domed monastery in this ancient city. The dome of it was covered with square vault. Referring to its epitaph, it was supposed that it was built in 1350. Many of the ancient cities carrying historical and cultural values are protected as archeological sites.


Daltaban Fountain

The fountain is placed in the today’s settlement of the city. It appears that it was built in the years between 1331 – 1333. The fountain which has four facades and three sections on the octagon marble ground was constructed with the unique architectural style.


Suleymaniye Mosque

Built during Kanuni Sultan Suleyman’s period. Mosque which has been standing up to the present, known either as Cami-i Kebir. There are verses of Prophet written on gazelle skin and Prophet Mohammad’s sacred beard in the mosque.


Çağirgan BabaTomb

The tomb is situated in Tekke Village, on the main tour route. It was constructed due to III. Murad’s dream during the Iran War between 1474 – 1595.


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Zigana Tourism Center

The plateaus are the touristic centers away 3 km after the tunnel on the 50th km of the main tour route of Gumushane — Trabzon. Accommodation and eating facilities are available. Grass Skiing in summers and snow skiing in winters can be done. The plateaus are the unique and charming touristic places where opportunities of tracking, photo tracking, horsing, camping, ornithology, walking on the snow with HEDIK and hillside parachute exists.


The formation of Gumushane Houses has been determined by rich historical background, topographical properties, its climate, structural materials used as well as the way of life. The art of decoration, the metallic accessories on the facade and door – knockers are noticed at first glance.


The Historical Old Turkish Houses in Saricicek Village are supposed to be constructed in 1873. They are located 30 km away from central town. These old houses carry typical motifs of Turkish Wooden decoration art and show them to their visitors.


Tomara Waterfall

The waterfall which is in the Seydibaba village of Siran town, falls down from the height of 20-30 m among the rocks into the valley. The charming natural beauty of its environment attracts lots of people. The accommodation and other facilities are available.


Limni Lake

The lake takes places in the Saronay Plateaus of Zigana Village in Torul Town. While 600 m2 squared lake impresses the people with its natural beauty, rich flora and fauna, its atmosphere carrying the air condition characteristics provide healthy environment. There are facilities around the lake.


Tohumoglu Bridge

Tohumoglu bridge which was built in 1575 is located on the main road between Gumushane and Bayburt.


The Karaca Cave is in the borders of Cebeli Village of Torul town. It is located 17 km from city center. It can be reached by all kinds of transportation means. The cave, which is 1550 m high from the sea level, is
the principle touristic place in Gumushane. The shape of limestoneS, stalagmites, stalactites, organ designed walls cave flowers, cave pearls, steps of travertines have unique beauty and are magnificent. The air of the cave is beneficial for the treatment of respiratory diseases especially asthma.


Gumushane gets its name from clarity and purity of silver, is also the homeland of this. Silver produced with Telkari technique which requires great patience and painstaking handmade craftsmanship will bring Gumushane together with its essence.

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