Limited Use Electronic Ticket

Where Can I Get It?

You can get it from more than 1700 retail outlets in Istanbul.
Istanbulkart Points of Sale are mainly located at central stops, tramway and metro entrances.

BIRgec / One Pass Ticket    : 4,00
IKIgec / Two Pass Ticket    : 7,00
UCgec / Three Pass Ticket  : 10,00
BESgec / Five Pass Ticket   : 15,00
ONgec / Ten Pass Ticket      : 28,00

How to use it?

In order to use the Electronic Ticket in bus stations, railway systems and sea transport please hold your ticket to card readers on turnstiles from a distance of 0 to 8 cm. Balance value of the ticket does not fall constantly if you keep on holding your ticket on the turnstile. You can monitor your remaining balance and the balance collected from your card on the screen of card reader.

Where do I use it?

Bus, metrobus, subway, tram, funicular, cableway, tunel, nostalgic tram, ferry.

Please Note ! : Please choose the right type of Limited Use Ticket for double-decker buses and town buses as there is a difference in tariff.


Istanbulkart is a personalized travel card which everyone can purchase, load credit and use in all vehicles of transport.
Loading Credit: You can load credit to your cards on anonymous IETT card dealers, private dealers, stations, bus stops and Automated Top-up and Vending Machines.
Card Usage Time: Istanbulkart expires after 2 years.

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