Kırşehir is the homeland of Ahi Brotherhood and Bektashi. Ahi Evran, founder of Ahi sect, and Hacı Bektaş Veli, founder of Bektaşi, lived here in Kırşehir. It is told that the city’s name used to be Gül Şehri (City of Roses), according to sayings it used to smell rose all around the city because they added rose water into the mortar when they built the city. The city made its fame with the roses grown there. Everywhere was full with rose gardens and with singing nightingales. The first settlement was at the Hittite period. It was a small town with the name Mokissos at the Byzantines times. After 1071, it was taken over by the Seljuks and then by the Ottomans during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

Ahi Evran Tomb

The tomb (1482) of Ahi Evran Veli, one of the masters of Ahi sect, in the Tekke Street 50-m away from the castle is made of cut stones. There are six sarcophaguses in the tomb that also has a minaret and a prayer room.

Melik Gazi Turbeh

The turbeh, built in 1250 by his wife, is on an octagonal plan. A conical top rests on the rounded octagonal body. The door ornaments are remarkable.

The whole marble historical Aşık Pasha Turbeh (1322), The Caca Bey Mosque first built in 1272 as an observatory and then converted into mosque, the Alaettin Mosque of Kırşehir Archaeological Museum, the Laleli Mosque on the Kayseri Caddesi and Süleyman Türkmani Turbeh are some other historical places of interest.

Terme Kaplıcası (Hot Springs)

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Taking a bath with the 41.5 degree hot water of this hot ’spring near the town is said to be good for cardio arterial diseases and drinking cure is good for digestion system diseases. Nice facilities. Karakurt Kaplıcası, is 16- km away from the city centre. The old hot- spring building was made in the name of Karakurt Baba, a Seljuk Ruler. Water is about 50 degrees. Good for rheumatisms and dermal diseases.

Mucur Underground City, Seyfe Lake, Hirfanli Dam and Japan Garden

Among the call points the tour organizing agencies in Kırşehir vicinity are the 20-km away Hashöyük, the Mucur underground city, the Seyfe birds paradise with its 176 birds species ans the Japan Garden bought and greened by Japan with hundreds of sorts of plants.

The Seyfe Lake and its surroundings make a natural bed for the wild life with many species of wild animals. The Hirfanli Dam Lake on the Kızılırmak River is a fine spot for s days picnic.

This quite large dam lake even has a beach. The rare Hacıbektaş stone derived in Kırşehir and from its vicinity is used to make various tourist and souvenir articles. They mostly make praying beads (tesbih) from it.

Kesik Bridge

Kesik Köprü, on Kızılırmak river 20-km in the south of Kırşehir is from the Seljuks. Built in 1251 and still intact today. It comprises 13 eyes close to each other with pointed arches. It has large stone banisters on both sides.

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