It is situated in the upper Euphrates (Fırat) region in the Eastern Anatolia. It is a place of interest with its fortresses, winter resorts and the floating island. There are numerous historical sites in the region. On the borders of the Sürekli (Diyarbug) Village 20 km frm the Genç province are the remainders of Daraheni (Kral kızı) Castle and two kümbets tombs). In the Kiğı town are the Kiğı Mosque, the Balaban Bey Mosque and the fountain in Eskişehir quarter and the Mürsal Pasha monument in the Çanakçı Village that are believed to have been built by Pir Ali Bey, son of; Fahrettin Kulluk Bey of Akkoyunlus.

Floating Island

It is located at Hazarshah Village Aksakal area of Solhan. It is of very interesting and wonderful structure; it is in the middle of the lake moves on the water. There is a fortress in Yayladere which is believed to be coming from the Genoese and still has its originality. And near the Kalkanli Village are quite a few caves with carvings and ornaments on their walls which are believed to have housed the humans in the primeval ages. Şen Köy Waterfall near Yedisu (Seven Waters) and Perçivenk Waterfalls near Akımlı are worth to see. Bingöl is also a winter sports centre, there are enough facilities at the Yolaçtı skiing centre. Thermal Tourism takes place around Kös thermal centre.

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